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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Long Time no posting.

I have not posted in a very long time, as our high season for business was underway and is just now starting to let up for the season.

Summer is like Christmas everywhere else and i have to concentrate on what allows me to live.

The garden is just about done.
I've had Potatoes, Tomatoes, Carrots and put up plenty of sage, Basil, thyme and gotten a new rosemary bush!

I have no goals lately, as work has over run the rest BUT I do hope to pull up some of the sun flowers and start in on my fall garden soon.

Horses have been fine, although the heat gets to the little one... I should say the paint as he is no longer so little.

The estate planning is at a stop! as the funds are just not there and in order for our business to survive everything goes right back into it while the economy is so slow. Which is fine... I've interviewed contractors and have it down to two. NOW its just scheduling and cost.

I need to spray the pasture again for weeds BUT I also get to plant the fall seeds for the pasture which will allow me to put the horses over there faster anyway, once I do have a structure built. At this point I am beyond expecting to get the barn done in the next two years, life dictates what happens and I'm ok with going with the flow. not perfect ( i never said as much) but I am ok with it!

I am not past getting a car port put up in order just to give them shelter. Then work on the stables and barn as time and money allow.

Just because I am putting off some of my needs does not mean I am not caring for my horses. They both have all the regular check ups, shots, shoes etc... i feed them the best of everything I can get around here and I watch them like hawks. Unlike most who around here tend to put a horse out to pasture and never feed it again till fall. Not to say one is any better than the other I just manage my animals differently.

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