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Friday, August 21, 2009

My Plan.

I have not posted for a long time and I am trying to get back in the habbit but... there has been very little to discuss, as the rain is almost everyday here.

Many of the farmers have gotten only one cutting of hay this year due to all the scattered showers, they get it cut and it rains, or they get in the middle of bailing and it rains. While Hay in the rest of the world is back down to $3.00 a bail I am still having to pay between 5 and 7, for crapy hay. To get any alfalfa you are still looking at a good 10 dollars. BUT last year I was paying 10 for crap and 15 for good stuff... Think about that one...at a bail a day for my horses... After you stop laughing.... here is my current status.

The pasture on the estate is well 2/3rds crapy and 1/3 perfect. We have not hit 90 degrees here all summer and it's later part of August already. So the 1/3 of the pasture that I planted just this spring is almost perfect for what little I did. The other 2/3rds is as stated above FAR below what anyone would allow a horse on.

BUT ... Sunday is suppose to be my first day without rain, Monday is not expecting rain so ... My plan is to spray the weeds Sunday and go get more hay Monday. This way I will have the horses taken care of for a month and be able to bush hog the 2/3rds of the pasture in the next week after the spray takes effect and kills it down to the roots again. THEN,..... in the next week IF the rain continues I can put down a cover crop, allowing me time to plant a GOOD fall pasture in the next few weeks as rain is predicted. I am also putting down a new fall cover in the pasture where the horses are right now. If I put down winter rye it gives them something green to eat all winter AND airates the ground for the other grasses to take a better hold for the next year. It's all a good thing...

Nothing has happened on the barns. I have the area staked out, details down to an art BUT my lowest quote for a SIMPLE 24 x 24 structure only 1/2 way enclosed is running me 30 to 34,000 dollars. IF you know me ... you know I'm NOT going to be paying this much. SO... inch by inch is all I can say.

Pasture plans

Stall plans and dreaming of a real barn for later.

DREAM.... I will get it there, but I am only one person and I can only do what I can do.

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