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Monday, August 24, 2009

Typical Monday

it's only 10:30am and I've taken care of the birds, horses, gotten 30 bails of hay 15 bags of shavings 5 bags of pelletts, 3 bags of seed. Loaded and unloaded it all and need to get to work. WHY on a MONDAY.

Emergencies always happen on Monday.

The rain has been non stop, Today was suppose to be the ONE day with nothing expected... of course it's moving in a I type.

So everyday I tried to get hay last week it rained and rained.

I can't drive 35 miles out and get hay without pricing everything else.

Seed was cheaper in Mills River, they have the best shavings in all Western North Carolina and soon .... they will stop making horse pelletts so to make heating stove pelletts. so when it rains it pours. I was hoping what I had on the inside of the cab wouldn't fall over on me while driving these back mountain roads. I made it back safely

I need MORE hay but I'm only one person have only so much time and although I have a long bed truck... I need a larger one!

I'll get more of everything the next day it's not raining... and I'll catch you up in detail AFTER I get my work done....

You know typical issues from overseas... everyone wanting delivery today... from orders made after midnight last night... ha ha ha...

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