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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life/ Fun/ Responsibilities

While life gets in the way of having fun our business has been down for the last 48 hours; NOT allowing me to stray far from the computer so not to miss a sale being called in. But my dear husband has sense patched the debacle created by another company we rely on for assistance with our "carts".

While I am getting away MUCH later I MUST get out of this house, if I do not I will become as cold as this computer... so I am in the heat of the day planning to get the horses out one by one; if none of us gets too hot. It is not expected to be above 80 today, but there is also no flat land for easy walk, or riding in my area. It is too late to trailer to the Biltmore for easy trails, in doing so that would put us riding in the worst of the day.

I hope everyone else's weekend has gotten on the way earlier than mine. But I will still be more relaxed on the back of my lovely mare and the wild ride of a green colt than I would be if I had to stay here and create invoices on such a beautiful day.
The pictures are NOT mine... but I am not happy with my new camera, I am selling it on line; therefore Jerry and I are down to one camera again. Which we all know never works out... so instead of just boaring post I decided to add some of my liked pictures I keep as mood changers... for myself. Life at a computer can be so cold, seeing the works of artiest can brighten the day. I hope you don't mind my sharing some likes I have come across on line. ps... I do post names of artiest if I can find them.

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