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Saturday, July 20, 2013

There has always been heavy fog in my area, but this year there is more than average.  As the sun comes up each day it is dark grey and a guessing game if the clouds are going to open up and drown us with a rain we no longer need and dread at this point.

There is no hay to be had in all of Western North Carolina!  

I've been having to allow the horses on pasture and it is nerve racking watching for all the signs with Navarre, but I have just enough time to ride him three to four days a week at the moment.  And as long as my leg holds out we may be ok.

I try to allow Sweet Pea more time on the grass because she doesn't have the PPSM / EPSM issues and needs time to be a horse.  She refuses to relax and just eat while we are gone, she paces and yells for him with every breath.  My leg is definitely not up to riding her at this point.

I have a video on Face Book of the horses running and having fun.  the kids at play

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