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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I know ...

While part of the country is in serious drought and literally on fire.  My part of the country has been in rain, all but one day in June and today is our second day dry in July. 

I am NOT complaining but life has hit Navarre hard.
I have lost ALL my hay... I purchased over 400 bails of hay on three first cuttings so I would have no worries for the rest of the year and be done with it.  Then the rains came!  Don't get me wrong...the hay never got wet, but the nonstop raining allowed the hay to absorb moisture from the air and it is ALL MOLDED.  Of course the stuff on the bottom and the top are the worst

I am planning to use all the hay in my planned garden area for next year.  Thus this will allow me to put down the hay, cover it with manure this fall, then cover it with paper and savings this winter ... turning it in the spring and starting over.

I also lost all my feed in this process.
So the feed lot did not have moisture control either... so I had to order some and have it shipped in.

My next issue is getting Sweet Pea a three part horse blanket I can use because she barely made it though our mild winter this year.

I am working part time at a clothing store ...so time is away from the barn, the house, the animals, BUT I am enjoying the work and it gives me a little money to get hay once more for the rest of the year IF we ever get enough days to have another cutting.

Normally in the middle of July we are well into our dry season and I have had to order water for the barn from a pool company.  This year water, mud and muck are every where and most of my newly planted trees are doing well. 

I have fish in the bath tub over flow from the water container, but I need to set up yet another water container for the garden area in plan above.

I have not gotten the gravely started this year... there has not been the time of dry to even pull it out.

Life is good... it is what it is suppose to be.

BTW... Navarre AND Sweet Pea are getting a little grass because of having no hay and getting only wet hay stretcher till I can find some more.... none to be had for hours... much less miles away.

The knatts are horrible... does ANYONE know how to control, get rid of, or what ever... I can do to stop how bad they are.

The horses are still on feed through for flies and they are NOT an issue.

BEES... on the other hand are a little bit of a laugh...  They swarm my water in the morning and for the past week they have been all over the salt in the barn for the horses.

I like seeing them... I enjoy the buzzzz.... 
I will do my best to get caught back up on the blog.

I'll do my best to take some photos this weekend IF it is not raining ... (it's suppose to start on Friday)... I can only hope we have wind and sun till then....

my love to the world.

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