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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Navarre is getting used to the grass. 
He has started to realize it feels good to run and play in it instead of just nose down sucking it up as fast as a vacuum cleaner. 

I enjoy sitting on the deck watching him run back and forth as Sweet Pea relishes the grass to roll and eat. 

They are both happier with a little grass morning and night.  I tend to try to allow them more time at night as I am using it to relax and settle my mind for the night as well.  If only I had a spot of tea and biscuits ... it would be SO perfect.

Jerry / Gypsy gave us a new hamper!   A beautiful RED Mexican type hanging is so perfect for the evening sit.

I am saving as fast as I can for the container for hay next year.

Jerry and I just put up MORE fencing on the water container ... as our kiwi plants had grown over 4 feet this year and needed more support quickly.  He is also in the process of making me a loft ladder for the water container.  This will make it easier for me to clean the filters etc...

I also need it so I can pound down the wire well above the rim of the container.  Thus  it will make it all more appealing!   I can not wait till this little project is settled and I can get kiwi for my  fruit salads!  ha ha ha...

Oh the apples !  this year I have a tree load of Banana Apples! The tree is at its limit and bearing so much fruit it bends down to the ground.  My Fuji apples are sparse...  I have but one sheep nose, and three gala!   seems the banana survived the late frost better than the rest.

I shall let you know how it all works out.

PawPaw tree is still doing well, as is the orange tree I planted this year.

crazy weather... as my strawberries have a new crop... yep in the last of July and I'm getting strawberries!

Everything is out of sorts but... it is what it is and you have to roll with it!

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