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Friday, July 26, 2013

Getting a little easier...

I have allowed the horses on the grass a little more each day.
I believe Navarre is about at his limit as his hind quarters felt a little ... just a little tighter this morning. 

I will ride him Saturday and Sunday and see if it helps him out any.

My pasture is above my mud boots (knee high) so it is not a real sugar source at this level but ... still hard to figure with Navarre and his PPSM exactly how much is enough without putting him over the edge.

Still no one has hay in my area... so hay stretcher is all I have..
Soaking it ...
and hoping they don't mind too much.

Hay stretcher is pushing it with Navarre ... it is an alfalfa based hay thus has more umph... than he is used to any way.

More on my kids later.

Must get to work so I can afford to ship hay into them for the winter months (considering I lost all of it for the year already!)


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