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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I recently posted Navarre was getting stiff in his hind end.  Last night I didn't post but shared with Helen that his gate was off, I knew he was hurting but could not figure out where or what was going on.
This morning my little boy was bobbing his head with every step!   I called the vet as soon as they opened.
He showed up ASAP and sure enough a heal abscess was about to blow but could not due to the preventive shoes I keep on him.

His family and breed tend to founder very easily, and I ride him on a paved road (yes highways or any road I can find regardless of cars, motorcycles, or believe it or not the worse is the bicycles) SO I keep a full poured shoe on his front to proved more pressure and not allowing the coffin to move / separate easily.

Today we got the poured shoe off, and with the hoof tester found a lovely abscess in the heal.  You know the wonderful kind that go to the bone very easily...

So soaking, salt baths, and more soaking are in order for the next few days... It only means I'll be getting up even earlier and going to be even later! But this is what we do for our family... "my kids"

By the time I got there I was afraid it was a bowed tendon!   a nice knot on the tendon, but only due to all the pain and favoring it so badly. 

Sometimes I feel like a very bad mother!
Other times I know I did everything I could. 

Special note... I called the farrier to give him a heads up that I would need him for ONE SILLY shoe in the weeks to come, after treatment.  MY VET HAD ALREADY CALLED HIM! and informed him of the medical issues I was having!   I love my equine team, they are top notch, supportive, and ON THE BALL!  
My hat is off to ALL of them!

Protecting one thing caused this abscess not to be able to blow! But I think we got to it in time!

Yep I love a good hot shod!

My love to the world!

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