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Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm Back... thank you for allowing me time off!

It has been such a LONG time sense I have taken the time to write.  I have done very little other than work, care for my horses, and be exhausted.

Yes I know we ALL are!
It is not that big of a deal, I have just been working 14- 16 hour days and little time to write when doing so.

I have however found MANY wonderful things to share with others about Navarre.

While with no time exercise has been but a second thought to me and to him.  He is still only on a mud lot, he has had absolutely NO grass... .EXCEPT when the vet came.  I believe he fear of the vet come from being so deadly sick most of his younger years.  I would call the vet they poked and pulled blood every time they showed up.  Now if he sees a needle he freaks... so GRASS was a last resort!   I hate a twitch but we may have to use one next time vet appointments come to the barn for a normal appointment. 

If he is sick he is not so bad but he was dangerous this time and I can not be inflicting others with his view of the world.

I have cut back ALL of his feed, and most of his hay, but my other horse is a hard keeper so I have to lock Navarre up while she eats.  I can not stay around for the full time so once she goes to get water I have to let him out.  She is learning that if she wants her feed / fat supplements she is going to have to defend them!

I have put up a new fence! So Navarre is not getting out all the time.
I have changed his oil several times, and like to give him as little feed as possible.  Literally down to only 1/4 scoop for a DAY so he gets very little twice a day.

I am however having to give him something so he gets his vitamin E, selenium, herbs, and fly control not to mention his salt!   Yes I give him electrolytes in the morning to make sure he drinks for the day otherwise my little boy doesn't drink and gets dehydrated.

My job situation is about to get a little better for July so I will be posting once again. I am however VERY interested in the pinterest thing... if you would like to follow me please feel free.

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