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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It has been so long sense I walked around with a camera in hand, but I finally got the camera to the estate. 
Here are a few things going on around the barn.

This one is a wild beebalm

I do have two more that are more compact... But I think they will go well with... what ever this plant is I got years ago.

What ever it is ... it is doing nicely where she lives!  I have added several other little things but most are edibles that are not as attractive.

Chard, Strawberries with spinach between each plant.  not to forget all the veggies I listed only my last entry... But with all the food there are still more things I have added and several wild things I dare not hurt wanting them to spread as much as they like!

YES they are RED NOT PINK! still the same thing but I want barn red as much as I can! Just not on my barn thank you.

But to move us into my native plants... I have choosen ...
to get us into the dasies taking over ...

There is SO much more! but... I shall not bore you in one post!

My hope is that your life is full of as much color as you can handle.
AEGF ...

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