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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yesterday was as perfect as a day can get.

While I could have slept to 6:30 my body woke me by 3:30.  I went to the sofa to wait for the sun to come up.

Started the little F250 by 6:30,

Guys got here and we got the last load of last years hay out of the storage barn and into my little barn.

Of course with the first leg up on the truck bed I ripped my pants!
Lovely! but it's all farm work... who really cares, and I had on under garments so what is the big deal.

We put insulators on T-post so I could allow the horses into the shade of the trees in a week or two ( as I have to spray the weeds around the electric fence before I can allow them in.)

The water truck was suppose to be there by 10 am with 3300 gallons of water, but I was worried about the mud lot and such a large load, but the woman driver was on her game and knew exactly what she was doing.  LOVE IT when that happens.

We planted some ground covers, some veggies, and grasses around the barn

Finished up the rock support wall to the Locus sidewalk to the water container.

And finally got to clean out the fish pond, and water all the plants we just put in the ground... watermelon, squash, two tomato plants, one egg plant, basil, dill, cucumber and LOTS of grasses.

We then went to the Amish store for the best sandwiches in town... of course with my left cheek hanging out I tried to stay out of the crowd, but it didn't matter, as the locals were put off by all my dirt on my pants, and oxford, the cheek was just a shocker to the women as we left!  ha ha ha...

Got home, took a shower, tried to scrub my hands/ nails clean... rested for a moment, then Jerry came home and we untangled a few knots having fun in the middle of the day as every couple should.

As he was trying to rest I had to wake him to assist me in putting all my padding back in my trailer, as my kids are SO SPOILED they do not ride well in an open trailer, they love their padded stalls for the curvy mountain roads around here.

I would too if you consider it would be like us riding in the back of an open bed truck with a blind fold on not knowing what to expect next! So we put the thing back together I put on my gear and left.

I met David about 5... and we got back about 7 nice little ride, and perfect for SweetPea as she is out of shape for the first time in her life. 
Which of course is my fault having not ridden them in such a long time.

Navarre still has a diaper, leather, duck taped foot so ... he proceeded to prance as much as he could having been separated from his girl. He cried desperately as we pulled away!

Yes I left my bridal in the barn... What is new... I always forget something the first time out.  I now have my spare back in the dressing room for such occasions. But... we just made a circle and got there on time. 

Life is good!
The ride was SO refreshing for my soul!

My love to the world I can only hope you all experience such a lovely, productive, and fun day!

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