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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday... the only day I have off each week.

No lessons today!
I am about to pull out with the trailer to get a team of horses... brothers... bringing them back home for a bit before they go cross country here pretty soon.

I have my kids with extra oil for the day for heat.
I am leaving them to the weather for the daylight and then will put their rain coats on them for night due to 60mph winds expected, along with rain and snow.  only 1 -2 inches expected but Sweet Pea never has a good winter coat! Navarre has his muscle issues still so he needs to use his energy to keep his muscles loose instead of just staying warm.  A breathable rain coat, not 100% water proof will help them both make it through the night easier.  I will evaluate day light applications as EACH day rolls around and see what they are in for.

IT is DANGEROUS to have some horses in blanket! Please never leave a horse unattended if they are not used to blankets...

Make sure they fit properly... no slack in the neck, belly, or rear section!  You horse could break a leg!   Although my kids wear the same size blanket I have each tailored to them... SweetPea is lanky in the belly and chest, so adjustments have been made...   While Navarre is lanky ONLY in the neck section as his belly is more round and tail end more wide... His chest is much wider than SweetPea's but... his neck is lacking that filled out and slides back on his withers... not good so again adjustments have been made. 

You don't wear things that make you trip, fall, or cause injury!   Don't expect your horses to change their habits just because they have on a blanket! Legs,Feet, shoes, and boots get caught up in blankets.  Your horse can't be responsible for everything!   Do it but do it right!

Make sure that belly strap is not hanging down AT ALL... make sure the leg straps are crossed and at the belly not hanging so they get caught up when laying down etc...

Think it through if you have to do it!

My love to the world... and too all the horses that need help with this east coat weather setting in.

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