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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Navarre's feet are FINALLY starting to look a little better.

Today was lesson day for Navarre.  He got worked into a sweat with his new coat coming in nice and strong.  He did very well as did the young lady riding him... with her eyes closed. 

I was of course only lunging them at a walk, but this was a great way to give him guidance and allow her to work on her balance in a controled environment.

I trimmed his frogs back got into some of the more damaged tissue as the frog's have grown out nicely as have his feet.

Life is good!   I have been working six days a week, not making it home till eleven or twelve at night.  Thus I have had little to no time to create new post.

BUT I found myself cleaning horses giving lessons and coming home/ making myself something to eat and enjoying how stinky I smelled.  I eventually had to take a shower, because although I LOVE my horse drenched clothes, all of our seating in the house is leather.  Because it takes on a smell for years to come I had to sit on other fabrics threwn over the chair just so I could relax. 

It was so nice to smell like a horse! Something I miss!
I can not wait till life settles enough I can ride again.

My love to the world...

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