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Monday, October 22, 2012

Well I got to save face yesterday! While I did go into Wal-Mart I did NOT have to purchase from them.  They did infact have a cheaper price on my needed items, but almost everyone out there will price match if it is posted on the internet of which walmart is! SO Got my computer under 300, got my phone at a matched price, AND got a percentage off accessories due to all my hard work etc... ha ha ha... basic but at this point in life / (with our lovely economy) every penny I spend is accounted for. 

Saved almost 100 dollars doing my homework, making a circle of the stores and recording their prices.  All stores were within a 2 block area of eachother so no wasted gas etc...   We got to eat out together yesterday!   Yea.... for fish tacos!

Navarre was a little better yesterday thanks to the help of a friend, a natural solution, a higher power, and having an open mind. 

While I  truely believe in acupuncture, message therapy, reki, and healing touch and I live in a area FULL of it... no one wants to work on my horse?  So I'm having to do it myself. 

So more learning even after I get my work down pat... we are going to focus on learning more techniques to keep Navarre at a more relaxed (muscular) state. 

I'll explain more later... I want to have my ducks all in a row before I start getting hatefull email about what I am doing or not doing for my baby!

Life... ? We all have different ideas of what it is.
I hope you enjoy yours! if not ... change IT! NOW!

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