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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life is funny!

I got in hay the other day... and it was hard to get out of the barn much less into my little stalls etc... The owner of the barn has more hay this year than he has EVER had in the past 8 years.  My hat is off to him, I am happy they have such a stash as I normally worry about their horses ( I know not my job... but I do )

I got just a few bails  about 30 into my place and got the kids settled ... Went back yesterday morning and Sweet Pea had pulled down two bails, shewn them all in the barn.  Navarre was so comfortable using it as bedding he didn't even get up to say hi when I drove up! 

He jumped when I made it to the barn! He knew he would be in trouble.... So no feed for them yesterday... and now I have a nice dirty stall of pee and poop to clean up on Sunday. By the time Sunday rolls around it will be a truck load of a mess and take two bottles of pinesol to make it livable again.   Sunday? yep this is now my only day off, so house and barn will all have to crammed into Sundays from here out!

My age ... The change in weather... Yes all the arthritis the physicians say I should be taking care of  is locking me down, cramping me over, and I feel like I'm 64 instead of 44.  BUT my mind knows I will not be cramped in the back seat of a tiny car for long.  The weather will eventually be cold and thus my body aches will settle into a normal raw tissue of sand paper in my knees.  As of today sand paper is a good feeling while the urge of a hot hunting knife being jammed around like a cortizone shot without the deadening is the message my leg and into my right hip is screaming as of the past two days.    Hiking to the barn is actually a relief! I'm not moving around enough while I am training for this new job.  But I'm getting home at 11pm and last night 12am  with little to no time to stretch out the joints before going at it once again. 

LIFE.... painfully funny!

We all have our aches and pains... and we all know if you have horses... you have more to come!

My love to the world

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