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Thursday, October 4, 2012

yes... time has pasted with no post...

Navarer has been picked three times a day as we have had rain for the last 4 days... and the ground is still a muck...

I will gladly post more when I start to get the area and his feet under control.

Our little community lost 10 horses last week to a barn fire.
So much attention to hay storage as rushed the area and thus my place to put hay is being questioned; meaning I too must find another place to put my hay.

I do however stack my hay where it touches nothing of structure OTHER than the VERY BOTTOM row of which I lay on it's cut side.

My stacking is..
Five on cut side
four horizontal
four vertical
two horizontal with two vertical in the center
and then tie it together on top with
two vertical on edges and the horizontal tieing them together on top...
this allows me 21 bails a stack and I can go ONE higher but did not this year due to kids playing on the rope near my stacks...

? at any rate...
studying for work...
researching containers for storage on my estate... which will require much prep this spring IF I can get it done.

My love to the world
an update on WR Prince Navarre ASAP!

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