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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Well... today is one of those days that while I am off work it is still ALL work!

Wal-mart... as much as I can not stand them.  then Best Buys... HHGreg then Radio Shack before I go to the mall to price out computers, and phones.

I shall come home down load my e app and then ... practice my full presentation ... record it send it to my boss and then do my horse things for the day.

Navarre will NOT be having lessons any more, it will likely be just a walk up the mountain in hand with me.

Sweet Pea on the other hand my get a short bareback ride up the mountain as I work on my core muscles.

Thus the life of a new insurance agent... work work work and no play!

Life still goes on.
Pirates' Lair still needs my daily assistance,
Horses still have to be fed early and late
House still needs to be cleaned
and Dishes still have to be cleaned and put away.

I only cook twice a week now ... so the dear husband had to do what he can for himself now a days... BUT ... it shall all settle back down as I start to grow my client base and have more referrals of my own to work... or so the cards say... ?

and what little love we can get from it!

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