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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Well... As Navarre applied himself nicely Sunday he is paying for it desperately today!   As of last night he started to tie up again.  I've done all a mom can do... I have heated his feed and made it into a mush... and I have Crushed 15 of the 500mg Methacarbamol tablets from the vet for just such an occassion.  I am hoping his back will not be as tight when I get home tonight so I do not have to give him the other 5 tablets.

His back is tight, his butt is like a brick! He can barely get his neck down to the ground to eat.  He figured it out though.... if standing down hill he get reach his hay... he did not finish his mushy feed this morning (rice bran with all his suppliments) I did however add an extra scoop of our special vitamine E with NO Selenium! very important!!!!

I will do my best to keep him happy... but working a new job that requires 9-9 Wednesday through Friday and all day Saturday it is NOT going to be easy.

My husband is a great help, but has little knowledge of horses and they are not his thing.  Not anymore than his MV Agusta F4 was ever mine!   I enjoyed looking at it; but I would have NEVER taken it for a ride or even gotten on the back of it ( just not that stupid).  Much less care if it was leaking oil (unless it was in my house) Thus he is the same with horses... so... I'm on this one alone.

Life is always a teeth kicker, when you JUST think you may have things settled.  BUT the good news is! We have been through this before... this time I just can be with him through the pain.  His pittiful grunts, his reaching with his painfully stiff neck, and his back legs that barely bend are just a few of the things I wish I had time to help message and relax for him, but not this time around little boy... I'm doing my best to be there as much as I can.


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