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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh the start is - 1

It will be a day of several trips to the barn. 

When starting the day at -1 wind chill is too much to even discuss. 

Somehow I slept till 7 30am  hours beyond my normal 4 or 5 a.m. So my rush to get to the barn, check on horses with a heated coat and boiling water make my mind whirl with worry for my " kids". 

The car did not want to start on the first try so I gave it one more chance and it started fine.
Because it was not a first time turn over ... I decided to leave the car running the entire time at the barn

I let the horses out and they quickly trotted to the pasture.  I carried all the water and half way covered the feeds with hot water.  I was afraid it would be cold by the time they came in to eat.  I had to go back to the car to get oil as the oil in the barn was a solid mess!  Sweet Pea followed me around as I went back and forth to the car for the oil and the hay then finally to get her heavier coat.

I did not see her shivering or hurting, but she would not eat! Not her hot feed and not even the hay.  It was worrying me, but once I saw one leg in a shiver I knew it was time for the heavier coat.  Once I got it on her she got water and started to defend her food.

I am in the process of getting more boiling water, I will get them more hay for the middle of the day and make sure they have water again.

The water was so solidly frozen it took me a while to get to water that wasn't with only a framing hammer.  Once I got a good hole, I scooped out the broken pieces with both hands and before it hit the ground it was frozen together in a big ball.  My gloves were frozen and I noticed beads of water on my coat and overalls.

I could not take pictures... although I did try but even with my two sets of gloves my hands were not warm enough to activate the phone apps. 

Ok... back to the water and barn things for the middle of the day!
Yes more trips to follow! but for now they have some melted water... she is eating the entire bail of hay by herself NOT allowing him a chance for any, so I threw him out a 1/2 bail beyond the first gate at the pasture gate.  
I could NOT take photos this morning as my hands were SO cold even under two pair of gloves I could not activate my smart phone! SO... no morning photos! just mid day at this point.
My love to the rest of the world in this cold snap!

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