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Friday, January 10, 2014

dreadful rain.

While just making it out of a historical freeze for almost all adjoined 48 states... Asheville NC moves back into its rain season with an estimated 3 inches for the next 24-48 hours. 

I am enjoying the crunch of the frozen ground...
I was enjoying the dry boots.
ice was 7 inches THICK in the water troft...

BUT I am very thankful as not too many years ago wells were dry and water was being brought into the area.  You have to take the good with the bad and just be as prepared as you can for what ever Mother Nature has in store for you.

My task for the day?
While I can't paint... (over flow lines of cistern)
I can get all the trash into the back of the truck to take to the sorting facility!
Then sweep out the back of the truck... yes in the rain ... to prepare it for the next load of hay (if and when the ground ever gets to dry out! )

While I have the truck out and about I may drive to Mills Gap to get more feed for the kids.
I can keep in the house if necessary!

... pictures to come...

Rain was so harsh I was not able to get the phone out.
But the horses did RUN out to pasture today instead of their hesitant walk of yesterday and slight trot of the day before.  I was starting to get worried with out being too concerned, I wasn't ready to say anything it may have just been the mental drain on them from the horribly cold weather. 

Everything back to a normal rainy weather.
My ribs are killing me from all the core workout yesterday walking all that feed to the barn.
Not to mention the pulling and pushing the equipment around yesterday. 
Life is funny, but it all worked out just as it was suppose to.  Not so bad sense that was better than I imagined!

Life to live...
My love to the world.

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