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Friday, January 3, 2014

14 degrees, -5 wind chill

We have come from high 30's down to the teens overnight.
At not even 5:30am our winter advisory chimes the alarms to stay inside if you do not have to be out, as if people can stay in all day?

Life is fine, I don't have a problem with weather as long as I can figure out the right layers of clothing.  Silk layers beneath everything from toes to the neck... then insulate wind breaking pants and top layers then rain coat over the top and overalls for the bottoms.

My issue is always my hands! my finger tips always get so cold.  But layer of cloves into a large pair of mittens gets me to the barn.  The mittens come off at the barn so I can use my hands with locks, strings and tools.

I shall take photos as soon as I can!  (if the weather allows... smart phones do not work so well with cold fingers)

The sounds last night were HARSH... street scrapers, salt throwers, and rednecks last night with their 2 strokes keep me up till early early hours. 
Now only the street scrapers and the wind are the symphony that use my house as an instrument of the season.  Drums, flute, and the occasional obo. Like an angry marching tune of the mid 1800 European persuasion.

Water on the stove and ready to be started at 6am so I can get out of here by 7am to the barn for the morning chores and possible early hike up the mountain if the road has not been scraped or salted!

Wish us luck!
Hey at least I have my coffee this morning! allowing me some extra energy for this blustery weather.
My love to the world....
and updates of the day to follow!

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