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Thursday, January 9, 2014

only 22 degrees to start the day.

I m SO excited as today is expected to be warm... into the 40's today! 
I have water on to boil,
I have 4 gallons of warm tap water for the horses troft.

I will get to the barn, OPEN the water box.... lay out the insulation so it can warm in the sun and then start in on the horses feed, hay trips and gallons of water for their water troft.  4 gallons with only two horses will be more than enough water ADDED to the water already in the container.

After I get all the trips done back and forth from my car and the horse trailer.  I'll get the foot warmers out of my barn emergency camping gear.  Why do I keep ANY camping gear at or for the barn?  Well because my house if 4 miles away and when you find a horse sick, you want to have the ability to stay as you await the vet or do all you can so you don't have to call the vet.  What ever your choice ... life is easier when you don't have to worry about getting hungry, thirsty, or how you are going to rest in crazy weather. 

I also have my silly disposable bread pan and candle to put into the water box for the last few hours above freezing to TRY to get the pipes working again.  BUT I really do NOT expect to have water as I am SURE the cistern is SO frozen at the bottom this will have NO effect of the cistern itself...BUT I need to do all I can each day to assist the situation as much as I can!

Lots to do today and like yesterday my phone update may not happen so I was unable to add to yesterdays morning post only add ANOTHER post as I was at the barn.  This is VERY Likely to happen again!

Keep an eye out for more post if it matters...
Otherwise I have layers to get on, a car to start, and six gallons of water... four warm tap water and the standard 2 gallons of boiling water for feed and ice!

My love to the world...

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