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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Truck n Trailer.

As much as I have tried the truck and trailer will have to be professionally pulled from its present spot.  I have buried it up to the axel!  The ground is frozen enough I could call someone, BUT that leaves me with a full trailer of hay if anything needs to be prepared after we get them both moved

So I can only call around see who has the equipment to get them out and allow them to pick the day in which to do so.

I will continue to get my hay out of the trailer day by day and little by little. 

As I type the sun is starting to rise and the water is on for boil.

My wish for the day is that it was warm enough to pressure wash the horses legs and treat them because by the time this mud is over I am going to have thrush, dermatitis, and plenty more to deal with.  But reality is ... winter is not going to be allowing this anytime soon.  SO ... I will clean their feet again and hope they stay in or near the barn for the day... (not going to happen)

Navarre is a little stiff because he can't run around in the mud, but as soon as I let him out to pasture he runs, bucks, and does all he can but eat. 

I so badly want to ride...
The weather, no shoes, and my leg prevent me from doing so. 

I made sure WR Prince Navarre was brushed and blanketed... for the cold wet weather.

The day was mild enough.   A cold drizzle most of the day.
The horses were put into their rain coats, I can't have them ringing wet as the temperatures drop into the low 20's tonight.  Expecting to only DROP to zero tomorrow night. 

So my plan is to keep them in their rain coats till tomorrow morning or mid day.
I increased their hay as well as the amount of oil on their feed.
I will increase their hay once again tomorrow and possible feet them three times tomorrow if needed.
I can not increase their pasture time as I can't chance an upset stomach with the possibility of their water intake not being what it should be due to the cold cold weather expected.

My love to the world...

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