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Monday, January 6, 2014

As the day got colder.

The day started easy ...
as I got too hot with all my layers getting hay and the extra, making sure there was extra oil, and assuring their feed was nice and warm.

I went back to the barn mid day.
I took extra hot water to make sure they were drinking enough.

They were happy and romping around in only their rain coats for slight protection.

Tonight the wind seemed to cut into the skin as the night fell.
I am lucky enough to have all but my eyes covered in this weather.

Life is good!

Both horses were still happy with only their rain coats.  Extra water, and extra oil, and lots and lots of hay for the night.

I made sure the two horses had not only their full bail of hay but an extra half down in the pasture just incase they need it.  If not it was worth my money throwing it away to assure they had enough for this crazy night expecting to go down to zero and the wind chill well into the teens below.

As I made all my trips to the barn.
1st with water and lantern.
2nd with only the half bail 
and the final trip with the full bail of hay for their troft.

With each step there was no secure foundation, it was as if it could fall though at any moment into a bath of fridged water below.

BUT with each step I remember that incredible hike long ago up the mountain fresh with its lava streaming down. Fresh enough to not only roast a treat but cook a meal if one had the time and the layered clothing protection from the heat to do so.  Roasting a marshmallow was the longest I could stand the heat, the color, and the fear of something so powerful.

It was the frozen mud tonight that had no foundation as my boot slipped off a jagged point into a frozen puddle or the loss of my balance due to the shards and their nature alone.  The thought of the glow below my feet as I had hiked UP a mountain thinking of nothing more than my breathing and loss of air.  How could I be so consumed with minimal issues inside me when I could have fallen into the lava that run below a surface I had hiked up not aware of the THIN cooled crust of lava.  How is it we rarely see everything that goes on around us? How is it we do not stop cold for every beautiful sun rise or set. 

I enjoy my flash backs of adventures experienced.
I enjoy what common things such as a frozen mud lot can illicit in a wandering mind. 
I can only hope that in the hum drum of the average day YOU have experienced life, its glory, and things beyond your own dreams to awaken your senses and carry your mind to far off places.

I welcome days of remembering days that made my heart rush, my blood curdle, my toes curl I only wish I had the right words to share those experiences enough to get others to leave their comfort zone and travel to places rarely spoken of to learn, to expand, carry those places with them everywhere else.

My love to the world.

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