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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Typical day...

So... Second day of the year and nothing has changed!                    Life is still good!

It was a little warmer this morning so no ice on the water troft, but that also means no way to get my truck and trailer unstuck!

My horses are miserable with all the mud; and frankly it depresses me having to see it! I will need to save the money this year and have the lot ready for this rain season next year.  July and August are the two months we get our least amount of rain, of course we have had rain all year for 2013, but rarely does something that out of normal happen again back to back!

So the planning gets under way.
I have a man to call to do the heavy machine work.  I know him from horseback riding years ago, but he makes his living with heavy machinery! The perfect man to talk to!

I have a guy to call for the rock work.  I have used him in the past, and I shall continue to use him as long as he is available.


But if I plan correctly it will not be this bad next year and at this point this is all I can do!

The morning started off wet.
The day continued to rain, then turned to sleet, and now snow and wind gust of 60 mph for the night.
I took the normal 2 gallons of water to the barn.  One for the feed and One for the water troft so they will drink after they eat.
I made sure to put out extra hay
and I got the good rain coat on Sweet Pea.
All is well in the world for the night.

My love to the world.

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