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Saturday, February 12, 2011

a VERY good day!

My day started VERY early, but I had much on my to do list at the estate and could not wait!  I also had access to two men who will work for horse rides instead of money!  I am all about bartering!

So up by 5 as I am not a woman that will function without coffee! Oh how I must have my coffee.

I started the truck 6:45... Was out the drive by 7am and got the guys by 7:30... Michael and Brian
Michael is a worker that I enjoy being around, refered to me by my trusted man... Karl.  and Michael loves horses as much as I do. Today was my first day with Brian, but he seems to be an enjoyable man, works well with Michael and understands I need help.

I had a brush pile that I had to get rid of ... air was still and daylight fresh.  Air was damp so why not?  done! Michael tended the fire, unless we all needed to assist in the control... as with everything in MY life! Well into the pile... a hard south wind came out of no where and made us work harder than expected.  All was well, all under control so I left to get more supplies...

As with any fire, non of us saw when it happened, or even HOW it happened,... but one of my old rotting trees I have left for birds, bugs, and other ? life forms was soldering.  After getting back, it was well in flames, so I called 1411 for the fire departments number, is this a 911 call ? I was asked.  It will be if you put me back on hold! I'll give you Asheville, NO! I said that is over 20 miles away, I need Fairview.  This went on and on to the point I almost hung up and dialed 911 but FINALLY the forth person who answered... is this a 911 call.  YES IF YOU MAKE ME HOLD ANY MORE>>>I NEED FAIRVIEW FIRE DEPT with serious stress in my voice.  This is Fairview the guy said... oh thank you! I have a tree ... blahh blahh blahh....

They showed up without alarms, watered it down, which did no good, then foamed the poor thing to death and ALL WAS WELL.    I apologized for yelling at who ever answered the phone.  NO, NOT to worry! There are three Fairview's in NC, and two have the same station number.  This was not a 911 call and you did the right thing!   He gave me the direct number etc... we got all our ducks in a row... and said if the tree smokes anymore, call us direct.  IF we ARE on a call .CALL 911   All is well!

We stayed in the area for hours.  Digging holes, placing t-post for guidance, and getting everything ready for a garden to be put in.  When we did leave we checked the tree, got our hay, check the tree on the way back in, out, in and out one last time.

My shoulders ache, my ribs hurt, from throwing so much manure! pounding in t-post, and then stacking so much hay.  But I am so thankful for all the help I got.  I would not have gotten the truck bed unloaded by myself.  I got the t-post all alone but face it! we have had so much rain a monkey could have rammed those things in the ground.  I am however so anal, I stacked my hay on the truck both times, as I have lost bails on these mountain roads, then touched them all again at least once placing, handing or getting it off the truck.    SO...

I've taken a LONG shower, night time pain relief, and I am soon to be asleep.
I am so excited about this weather for the next week!  Just imagine what I can get done!

So till tomorrow!
I hope you all sleep as well as I will tonight!

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