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Saturday, February 5, 2011

When Foods HATE other foods.

clean and simple... some foods are not companions... they are as different as the Eastern World, and our Western Ways In other words.. BE Careful , VERY careful...

You may want to print this for your records.

Beans can not stand Onions... ANY ONION FAMILY
Cabbage can not stand Strawberries, Tomatoes, or Dill
Carrots can not stand Dill
Cucumbers do NOT like Aromatic Herbs or Potatoes
Onions are as above horrible for any beans, peas etc.. (legumes)
Peas are also bad for Potatoes

Potatoes do not like peas, beans, sunflowers, cucumbers, tomatoes, turnips
Radishes do not like Hyssop
Tomatoes do not like Cabbage, fennel, or again potato
Turnips do not like potato

Why does any of this matter, it actually helps in your rotation!
Because the beetles that eat your potatoes are not as likely to eat your tomatoes the next year etc... This is one of the reasons you should look into crop rotations, three or five year but any rotation is better than using the same place for the same plants, pets, and issues year after year.

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