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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Got Help Today!

I got help with the old Gravely today!
I to mentioned the guy, this was my largest obstacle at the moment, he just laughed! If this is the your largest you've got it made.  I do! I admit it! My life is as simple as it gets!   I make sure I do what I can for myself, and do what I can for others.

BUT the two things in life my Father did NOT allow me to do was ... Electricity and Chain Saws.  Two things I desperately need assistance with at this point in my life.

Turns out it is an Electrical issue with the gravely!  Alternator, Ground, or ? who knows what

I can only pass on this information as it was told to me by Ed.
Ed of ER Lawn Equipment Repair... will travel to Fairview NC, his numbers are... 828 582 9595 or  686 3934 both of which are now in my phone till the gravely dies!

Having said that He does have a YouTube video... Click Here!  as he said... "it is a little of red neck heaven"

He allowed me to ask a million questions! ( of course it is likely the reason he wants me to take it to his shop!) ha ha ha... BUT I am happy to have someone who is willing to work on the old thing!

My life just got even easier, considering I have someone else to worry about getting the old thing right.  I said Oh you will have a customer for life!   He sadly looked up at me and said, NO I will eventually have an unhappy customer, as I will no longer be able to get parts.

I know my machine is old, archaic! and about to die... but knowing it is not a mechanical issue, I am not willing to bury it just yet!  Everything works, as long as I can keep it running!

Thanks to ED I hope to keep it running as long as I can, so I can hopefully in the future afford to replace EVERYTHING this silly old machine does.

It is amazing how powerful this old thing is.
Besides the neighbors wouldn't have me to laugh at as they drive by seeing me mow my pasture with a walk behind.

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