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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ferrier Today! with update.

no pictures ... early appointment with my Farrier!  It will be quick, painless, and much cheaper as I do not have shoes on my horses during winter.  Better for ME!!!! $$$$$

Gives me a chance to concentrate on other things financially! ha ha ha...  What is the difference... well $40.00 a horse as apposed to over $100.00 each!   BIG DIFFERENCE. I never make it out under $200.00 with old shoes, more if we have to make a new pair, or FULL set of four, and I pay only $80.00 for both with only trims... What does that add up to...   Savings for hay, feed, or medical bills... what ever comes first! ha ha ha...

Better for my horses as the snow doesn't collect on their feet without shoes, they are easily keep their feet warm? (this is still debatable on a professional level! after all the hoof is like a fingernail! only felt if you cut it too deep!)  But in my mind no shoes helps me keep ice and snow from packing around the frog, this is my reason for no shoes in winter. What's a frog?  it is like the callused part of your heal... On a horse it absorbs pressures as does your heal with fat and harder skin than your arch.  A horse gets so much of a callus a frog is  trimmed.  No different than a person getting a pedicure for summer sandals etc...

Besides you can't ride a horse in snow with shoes... an my kids love a good snow ride in fresh snow!

Just got back... as I was worried.. Navarre has serous thrush in ONE foot, while I worried it was two only one is clinically at risk.  his off hind  or rear right foot.  What's the big deal?  Well how big of a deal would it be for you to have an infection on your heal? An infection that POTENTIALLY could eat to the bone.  Not any different for a horse.  Thrush can be in the hoof, Navarre's is above his frog, to the point the Farrier cut off most of his frog to expose the issue, also makes it easier for me to clean, treat and keep an eye on it.

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