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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wind? or Spring?

As I tried to sleep last night the wind blew so hard it woke me from a sound sleep several times.  My dear old house is solid stone but the tiny bit of over hang or aluminum / double paned windows howelled, creaked, and created drafts through the house last night.  Only the birds room is less seseptiable to such strong winds.

What normally wakes me is the slamming of the one window in my potting shed, below the back porch.  Not much I can do to secure the poor thing, so we deal with it.

While all this wakes me through the night I dream of flowers in my woods... I can not wait for the beautiful show of blood root all over the west area, leading down to what is soon to be a veggie garden.  What started my mind on such beautiful things? 

It was the discovery of the butter cups that have emerged from the floor of our woods.  While they are not much to look at, they are a warmth in my heart... As one friend said   they are doves with an olive branch... 

While they are nothing much to look at they make me dream of better days... 

Thus pictures of the past, and what is to come... are in my mind... 

Days of the bloodroot are soon to come... 

I can not wait for spring, but we must make it through today to enjoy the small promises of tomorrow.

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