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Saturday, February 26, 2011

It is Saturday!

I am dying to go out with my horses, so I bid you adeau!  I'm out of here.... No camera! only a sandwich and a drink in my backpack..

I can only ride SweetPea and I'll have to pony out Navarre... His off hind is still in too bad of shape to ride him! I hate this because I would have loved to have company... Michael ( my trusted worker as of late) or one of the kids on the road.... (on pony ... of course)

I'll let you know.  32 degrees here! but going into the 50's

Gravely still in the shop, need a new alternator... not sure if we can get one yet.  Any suggestions are welcome!

Adaue,.... Adaue.... Adaue, Adaue Adaue... as the song would go...

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