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Friday, August 23, 2013

It is very late for me, well after my bedtime.  But as I settle in for the night my mind rambles with all the things I had hoped to get done this summer and never did.

My poor horses. 

I have already had my little girl shiver from the chilly rains in the middle of our summer.  The temperatures have been well below normal.  Our high has not hit over 82, our rain is out of control, and my horses are generally staying in a wet mud lot all the time.

I did have them eating pasture grasses for almost two hours a day and Navarre started tying up again.  I quickly had to cut them back, give them extra oils again and him more Vitamin E to take care of the ache muscles. 

He had gotten to where he ran around the pasture, happy to be out, and having a good time.  It quickly turned into a day of him walking and the next barely wanting to go out at all.   They are now only getting out as I wash their water tub, sweep the barn, and mix their fat and feed for the morning and night times. 

I wish I had enough free time in my day to make six trips to the barn, but as others go away on vacation; I pick up horses and birds to make yet still a little extra money for the animals I have.

The weather has been bad enough I can't just take the camera to the barn.
As I spoke on the phone to one of my sisters this morning, my walk only from the car to the barn, minor chores and back to the car and my clothes were WET on a morning no rain was falling.  WET from such a heavy fog, a fog that will only add to the mold in my hay as well.

Life is what it should be, but life this winter is going to be hard on my horses and birds as I see it.

I can only hope you too are getting prepared for what ever Mother Nature throws your way.

Hoping I can add a photo soon.
All my love to the world

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