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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today I sit in my house, windows closed, birds quiet, and in full clothes.  Meaning Long pants, and a sweat shirt.  Yep! it's August and it's cold ... so much so that my basement is the warmest place in the house right now at noon.

Life is funny around Asheville these days.
Rain... 59.68 inches of rain to date... more than we normally get for the year!
rarely got over 85 degrees for any hot day this summer.
We never put in the window A/C unit for the down stairs.. but did allow the basement doors over for air circulation (the house is perfectly passively placed, and creates it own wind flow)

Oh well .. headed to the barn again to check on the kids... allow Sweet Pea out to eat and I'm planning on a ride with Navarre.

Life is what it is suppose to be.
Hope everyone is having a good day ... Photos and more later.

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