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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yep one more day off!
And while I should have been enjoying the day, I have been so tired... in such muscle pain (which in a way is good) but I can't move.  I took care of my kids and other larger more demanding horses than my own.

In doing so I have realized I am very happy with my choices of how I manage Navarre and his PPSM/EPSM and how he is much better off than some other animals with the same issues.

I will (due to the experience) go over once again how I manage a horse in a stall. 
I find myself doing much more and in someway less than I would if they were all my horses.

I hope to define an outline (no one is perfect) of stall care.
Stall care includes
FLY control
and composting.

All of these should keep us talking and typing for a while.

As far as tonight.... I'm so tired I can't keep doing this!
My love to the world.

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