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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My little girl is doing well in this wet year. 

Her feet are nice and hard, easy to keep trimmed and as I have on a leg brace that bothers her, we will NOT be doing any riding so she no longer has shoes on her hind hooves. 

My little boy on the other hand...
Still has full pour on the front and normal shoes on the back. 

As you can see I have cut his hair... and only yesterday cut an inch off his dock to send to someone to have a necklace made.  I am positive no matter ... Navarre's hair will be perfect!

It is the hair from Sweet Pea I will be lucky if I can get a ring, key chain or something of the sort from her short hair.

In any case. 
I am off to work for the day!
I can only hope everyone reading this is doing well.

Much love

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