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Sunday, August 25, 2013

One more thing on my list of necessities that is no longer available.
A Salt supplement that is a 70%

Besides Navarre having a very limited ability to free range on grass; he doesn't drink enough water and dehydrates all too fast and especially while I am working out of the house and can't be at the barn ALL the time. 

HOW do I know he doesn't drink enough?
1. He gets dehydrated all too easy, BUT ...
2. I look and search for their poop every morning and night to see if it is wet/moist enough and not showing signs of diarrhea (too much oil; or sickly) or that it is too hard, not breaking apart (could be several issues ; (foremost is not drinking enough water)

So I have had to supplement their salt blocks with electrolytes in their feed.

How do I get the electrolytes in their feed?
Strangely enough I got asked just this week about how I get my horse to drink water.

So many put the electrolytes in the water; and for a horse that will drink water this is great (ALMOST)  BUT you have to make sure a horse also has clean, clear, fresh water where there are no electrolytes.  Otherwise it's like you drinking too much salt water, being thirsty but dehydrating from the imbalance of salt.

People rarely look into the water issue with a new horse.
This was someone whom had saved/ rescued a horse but couldn't get it to drink water.

This is VERY COMMON!!!!! 
Horses are as picky about their water as some humans are.  What do I mean?

Well this is what I do....
When I went to FL to pick up Navarre as a baby, I took 4 individual gallon (milk jugs) containers and filled them with the water at the "hospital" where he was born.
WHY?  Because horses have a better smell than we do, thus they are as picky if not more about their water etc...

I filled all the water buckets in my trailer with his known water source.
As I drove from FL to NC I had to get water BUT I added his FL water into the water as he sniffed and watched me fill it the rest of the way.

I also kept enough to add to his water at his new barn until he got used to the water he was eventually going to drink

There are TEA mixes that cover water smell and taste, and they work well
BUT to make these work as intended,  you have to use them where the horse is BEFORE you move it etc... so they think it is the water they have always had ... If this doesn't go well in their known water, it's only going to make the water worse where ever you take them.

YES I keep several salt blocks ( white, AND Himalayan Pink, AND the mineral salt block as well.) No different from their hay, my horses get to choose from more than one source.

SO I put his electrolytes IN HIS FEED!  ? What you ask... YEP because his feed gets several things.

Water over their feed, to be absorbed / soaking the feed for easier digestion as feeds are hard on a horses system, and it creates a good bonder for supplements in a horse that does not need oil .  Cold water in the summer and HOT water in the winter.
A muscle development/ herbal powder.
An E with Selenium
this Electrolyte ( which is a 70%)
Rice bran oil  ( he needs for his PPSM/ EPSM AND it is what helps all the supplements  stick to the feed and not be left over in the bottom of feed bucket)
a feed through fly supplement

The person asking me, saw me purchasing EVER container of the electrolyte the store had in stock and back stock.

I have called all over and had no more at any of my other supplement sources (smart pack, tractor supply, or Balsam Quarter tack shop.

So I purchased all they had and pre paid for LOTS more! So I have enough time to figure out how much straight salt I am going to have to add to their feeds.

Oh well!
At least I can get everything else from ONE source, pre measured for when I have to get out of town for emergencies or on vacation so I do not have to worry about how much someone else is giving them ( even if I do make all my sandwich baggies of supplements and gallon size for feeds) for each horse. 

Any questions send me an email, or what ever you feel like!
My love to the world...

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