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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

OH a rare day off from working in the clothing shop (yes I get at least two days off a week BUT) the rarity is the fact it has not rained in a few days; thus allowing me to REALLY get some things around the barn done.

While it is still August
The morning temperature was only 55 this morning.
Fog/ dew point was suppose to be 53 degrees it was as wet as it could be, fog so thick I couldn't see anything in front of me walking to the barn of horses in my care at the moment.  And they have fog lights on all night to keep bears etc from the barn.

With my leg, I have barely been out of the brace for a week, and I had to stop from pain and stretch several times only 1/2 way through the second stall.
Stalls that shavings are so nicely kept so deep they are impossible to walk in.
Thus also making it a long process of finding all the hidden treasures.

My body rebels from all the work I have made it do today.
three hundred pounds of feed, hay stretchers, emergency supplies, and cleaning moldy hay out of my own barn.
Moving several bad bails of hay, making them a protecting device for trees I planted this year or last so if it does get to a be bad winter they will have a better chance of survival.  I can't physically carry the bails of hay to the garden area, I didn't want to have to touch them two more times just to use the truck and I couldn't get any dependable help for the day so... a little at a time but I've been non-stop sense 5am and I'm worn out.
I have to skip and clean stalls again at 6 them do my horses after them!  So my day is no where near being over, but... I'm just out of the shower and laying in bed typing this out.

I will get up at 10 till 6 take a Advil or better! and start over!

Yes I still have things in my truck that I have to put in my trailer for my emergency kit.  and some things I have to bring into the house for later etc...

Such a perfect day!

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