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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ok... so sense my last post MUCH has occurred.

Navarre is starting to tie up again so, my being able to let him out has been cut back to only allowing them to eat as I clean the water, do a little trimming each day around the barn and prepare their feed.

If I were not working two jobs I would be able to allow Sweet Pea to stay out longer but as of now going to the barn more than three time, and fighting Navarre is just too much for these older legs.

I do however have a phone video to share!
The other day ... it was amazing.  (although NOT easy to see, and I was walking most of the time ) I have to at least share this snip.

As I was getting the horses in, there no fewer than thirty (30) butterflies flying around.  As I said they are very hard to see but go to the end of the video! 

Mostly large yellow with black outlines and marks, small white, the tiny purplish grey and a few of the black with bright blue.    If you watch the entire video you will see it stopped me in my tracks, as it was an absolute delight to have them flying around all over the place.

It appears I can not get my video attached... Crap!
If anyone knows how ... please let me know... dying to share it with the world.

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