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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve....

This is a wreath a took a snap shot of on the walks UP the mountain to care for the horses in the days past.  It is adorned with all their local goodies, corn that was for the corn maze, broom corn that several people around use to make brooms, apples from their orchard.  When I took this shot the Store (Hickory Nut Gap Farm Store) was closed, but it was so beautiful!

The snow is starting to get dirty, the main roads are clear with scattered Black Ice in the early am, the back roads are getting better, but are still patchy with sheets of ice and black ice early.  

With the roads starting to get better the hum of cars, the rumble of big tires on large trucks are starting to fill the air again, even airplanes are starting to be heard more often.

While even the pasture is marred with hoof prints it is not yet dirty, except where I have dropped the hay. Today, the horses wanted to play more than eat, the first time all week! Life’s speed is getting back to its norm just as we all wish it would slow down, relax, and be nothing but pleasant for the family gatherings. When it is quite outside, when inside we all some how tend to relax a little better.

May the sweetness of your family, neighbors and friends be the center of your holiday gatherings...

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