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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wonderful day.

the day started with only the sun, wind and sound of birds. our accomidations are wonderful. i got up and got started on an issue with work i have yet to resolve, but hoping to soon, the customer is fine but i dont like unfinished business. i worked on it for 45 minutes and then walked for a cup of coffee which i relaxed and took 30 minutes to sip on and enjoy everything around me. breathing is about as much as i wanted to do. people watching as the locals walk to work, school and get ready for the touriest to invade their beautiful city.

at home jerry and i pass each other, never eating at the same time, so we rarely share a table. while on vacation we get to talk about the day before, hours before, hold hands and enjoy the company of the one we love. it is not just work work work.

we ate, and walked the town together, looking for the accents we want so much in our own home in years to come.

i am in because i am saving my energy for the next few days of hiking coban - copan

i can only hope everyone at home is good. much love to you all.

if you have never ventured into central america, you really must at some point, the people are warm, welcoming, and eager to learn or teach, in my case it is teach!

again, no caps, no spell check due to the computer keys being in different places as my fingers do what they are used to. please do not think it is this bad every day

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