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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


no spell check, no capitals as i cant figure out the keyboard, other countries have keys in different places due to the usage of letters, symbols etc so this will be crude and hard to read.  i can hopefully fix it once i get back.

serious last 24 hours, checking my list 3 or 4 times, being ocd about the alarm, not getting much sleep but, it was all worth it to get here

in bed by 9pm last night, up with snoring husband by 11pm, off and on sleep for the next few hours till a horrible thud wakes me from  a semi sleep.  but it not only woke me up jerry sat straight up in the bed.  it happened again and all i could think was ok so its not just my tired mind, then the third time jerry went down armed and ready for a fight.  all i could do is call 911 and i did.

no one was in the house although we were both sure of it, and i have never been so scared in my life!  police came and circled the house three times, came in to check, and said they would keep an eye out. 

i was at this point too wired to go back to sleep, started his truck at 445 moved my truck at 450 and we left at 503.  it took that long to get the ice off the windows. 

got to the airport and after boarding they decide to deice the plane... making us very late in schedule, so much so they asked for us whom had time to allow others off the plane who did not.  a first for me!

Got something to eat, loaded on to the second plane and somehow we were in first class.  and so the bad energy melted away.....

we are on the other side of town than we have stayed before, but beautiful and closer to the market and antique districk. 

life is good i can only hope you all are doing ok as well.  ill write tomorrow if i feel like sitting for a while instead of out on the ruins or in the shops.

much love to you all.

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