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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hotel Quinta de las Flores, my choice in Antigua

Our hotel was beautiful, relaxing, and most importantly QUIET! With a perfect view of a local Volcano.  As with most of Central America there were all types of Celibrations going on, but with this hotel we didn't get bothered as we have in the past.

I enjoy many of the items they use in their gardens, these pots are beautiful simple and a dream, I only wish I could get some, within a reasonable price, back home!  Not going to happen! 

All of these photos exist BEHIND walls that are boring and seem to be nothing.

This was our room, with a private terrace, small cafe table, two chairs, and a sofa/bench to relax. 

There are water features all over the place to keep down the noise, give the feeling of privacy and to help you relax.    I enjoyed the smooth sound of our little fountain, just outside our door, and the birds loved taking a bath in this at all hours!

Small or large fountains, who wouldn't be relaxed with all this beauty around you!
They make the most simple of things MORE beautiful and simply pleasing to look at! 

I want a life this beautiful!


  1. You need to take up pottery and learn to throw your own pots!

  2. i wish I could throw a good pot! but the poetry thing????