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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday... market day

Back from Honduras, Coban Ruinas area. The trip in a kidney brusing van was well worth the ride, but i do not suggest this trip in the rainy- hot - or high season as it could be a little more than the average air conditioning, lots of room loving, typical US member could take. for me it was just about perfect! ill write more after i get home, got great pictures while we were there didnt run into more than 10 other touriest, and most were from the four neighboring countries not europe or north america.

lots to tell lots to show.

i also just got back from the saturday market, one of the few things one can not describe, the smells, the textures, and the crowds are nothing like you see at home. i remember the old nashville farmers market, and even from a childs view with everything being larger and more than it is as an adult. my memories do nothing compared to the sites here. smells are good, bad and strange, textures are beyond grand expecially if you include the colors here. Crowds are so tight i was put up against a fire pit today. i told the person it was hot and he did move out of my way, but no one regards the other unless your an elder.

Besides with my sun bonnet, sun glasses, and smell of deet i scream touriest... so they let me get by with more!

on to take a shower! we have dinner plans with some of Jerrys old teachers tonight.

much to tell when i get home.

my love to you all

oh yea climbing the volcano tomorrow, taking marshmellows to roast! ill take pictures IF i can make it up there! ha ha ha... i hear its a hard climb and rocky but how often do you get to walk up to running lava. i figured id take the chance while i could.

hey we only live this life once, and im going to have fun with it.

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