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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's the WIND today...

I can deal with the cold, but the wind is cutting today and makes the body hurt, eyes water, and it finds holes in your layers you didn't know you had. 

I drove out to get more hay today.  With the wind as bad as it is the horses are going through one bail or MORE a day, even though I have their rain coats on them to help protect them from some of this wind while out in the pasture.  They need more oil in their feed in order NOT to overload them with grain, and they need more hay in order to keep up thier tempatures at night when it falls well below 20 with the wind chill.  They are staying in their shed more, which is an ok sign, but I worry they are ok and am doing all I can.

The electricity keeps going out, so their water gets slushey.... but the farm pipe is wrapped and has yet to freeze so hard I can't get water.  I am expecting to start carrying water to the barn any day!  

The roads are clear! driveways are still an issue IF North Facing!  The trees are getting cleared from the roads as I type, but the snow still dwells in my front yard, while the grass is trying to peak through in the back!

The wind is so harsh the snow, ice and ground water (that is exposed) is evaporating from a solid to the air, very little melting is occuring but the wind is chipping away at it as the days go on.

Updates to come, pictures later... I have hay to get to the barn, which is still a solid sheet of ice, littered with tree branches as the only source of traction.... wish me luck!

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