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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Sorry no pictures today!

The snow is still not dirty from cars but is instead peppered with tree needles, sticks, and limbs; as my drive got closer and closer to the barn, more and more was in the road, till finally I had to drive over a small tree in order to pass... and the passable area was on the wrong side of the road. I soon realized this maneuver was in vain. Tree after tree down in or across the road. I backed over the small tree and found a safe place for my poor truck.

I started my walk up the mountain one more time, some higher power wants me in shape for some reason! Tree after tree I was having to climb over it or carefully slither under it. Until finally there was an evergreen I could not make my way thorough and another tree that was leaning very unsure of its security I did something my family NEVER allowed... I tress passed onto someone else's property to safely get around. I was not only worried about being on someone property, but it is Christmas, I was worried about disturbing their morning all together. No reaction, no dog, all was well as I hurried on my way. As my walk ascended higher and higher the wind and rain got worse, the sound of the trees cracking was eerie...

Joe had fed the horses, he did not believe I could make it there this morning. Being grateful I offered to walk with him to check on a vacant house, and sure enough a tree lies on the roof, having taken a rock wall with it. He rushed back to his house and called the owner. Limbs took down a rail of fencing in the paddock, something I will need to tend too as soon as weather allows. My horses are not reacting to the top rail being down and are happy to have shelter to stand under with their rain coats as well. There is also another fence beyond theirs so all is well at the moment. I shall make the hike again later in the day after the temperatures rise ... although only slightly is expected anything would help.

While alone walking once again, the glistening of the ice takes on the imagination and as I walked down the mountain, the cracking surpassed and the rush of the water in the creek took over. The roads are soggy with rain, melting snow, but laced with ice; a dangerous place but again the beauty of quiet, the glistening of frozen trees, lines, and even gravel it is a beautiful place to be on Christmas Morning.

The Evening hike was UNEVENTFUL! as I drove to the end of the drive and only walked up to the barn thanks to a ban of people whom gathered and took out most of the trees in the road.  What an act of kindness on a day that is ment for family. 

Only a tree top half way blocks the drive, but I did not want to mess up the yard driving around it! 

Ice has fallen to the ground and is almost gone, as is most of the snow from the last week.  Things here in the mountains change from moment to moment, and like today that moment is a short short time.

Much love to you all!

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  1. wow..i appreciate so much our phone calls but to be able read your journal is joy, pure joy. Just spoke with Gale, she just took Mother to NHC. Mother was great today!! Gale had a "perfect Christmas", she is so sincere. I have experienced an amazing Christmas too, the only missing link to be "perfect" is Amber. Love You