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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sorry  no pictures again,
     A busy day, work, animals and more animals, dr appts, and clients picking up animals... LIFE...
I did not get the last three bails out of the truck like I needed this morning, issues at work started early and I needed to get back as soon as possible.

Rain,Sleet and Snow expected for the next 72 hours, now that we expect it ... we will see if anything happens.  Just incase I have filled all the water buckets with heaters I plan to strip stalls tomorrow and put down fresh dry bedding so they will have one dry place to stand.  I have a little hay but still not the 50 bails I need to feel good about my supplies.  I also need shavings, and pellets to make me feel better for the weather ahead.

After the rain and "stuff" we are expecting really cold weather... high in the low 30's and lows with out wind in the teens...   I am so glad I didn't shave my horses for rides and work out this year!  But this is the perfect time to be working on the gear so it is perfect next spring.

So my plan for the next bit is getting all my cutting tools out, making sure blades, oil and service has been taken care of, clean the boxes and make sure I have coolent supplies and all my pretty little things I like in thier hair.  Get it settled, packed and ready for perfect weather.

Which leads me to my next goal... getting the shed cleaned out and all those garden tools ready for spring as well.   WOW!!!! there is a lot to do in the winter... I just hope I can find a dry place to get it all done.

What are your goals for the next week?
For the next few days?  
For the next few hours...   CLEANING is mine...  ha ha ha... as if that will ever happen.

1 comment:

  1. WOW. Haven't thought about specific goals...need to do so. Grateful today for Steve being ok!! Enjoyed catching up on your activities and plans for SPRING. Did you know tomorrow night is a Full Moon??