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Monday, December 7, 2009

volcano hike

ok, first things are this was not an easy hike, i was the tail end of my group, trying to breathe and move at the same time. the humidity kept me from breathing easy, as did the dust from the volcano.

while it was a hard hike the last 45 mintues are the worst, it is nothing but lava shards or sand. there was no footing, and diging in my toes got a little hard to do with sand lava and people rolling back down on top of you.

if you decide to do this hike, do it but do not do it in a group. so you can pick your own pace and go off the trail, which is what i eventually did. going off the trail on the volcano allowed a better footing and i wasnt worried about other people falling on top of me.

i did make it to the top but did not roast marshmellows as standing that close was so hot i didnt care about sugar. i can only say i suppose i was a little more causious than the others in my group of which were all in their 20s except the father of one kid in his early 20s so he was barely older than me but in much better shape.

the best advise i can give is to take your own stick, adjustable if possible, a good flash light, i had two and needed headlamp and hand held, the one thing i didnt have was gloves. even if they are just cotton garden gloves with rubber in the palm this would be good! dont be stupid, im not talking about welders gloves just protection of your hands if you fall on the sharp cooled lava. one guy did hurt himself, gloves would have helped.

i would do it again!

there were professional hikers that said it was a brutal hike, so weigh your options carefully. but it was an incredible experience.

ill write better and more vivid after i get to the office.

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