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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just another day in my life.

It is Wednesday, my truck is stuck in the mud after getting only 25 bails of hay, but after touching each twice or MORE just to get it on the truck, then another 2 or three to get it off the truck, I got tired and tried to get the thing closer; getting it stuck.

I'm fine with it sitting there!  What do I care? it is safe, in the horse pen, the hay is up and Joe brought me home, I have a car to get back and forth. 

I will just fill it up with HORSE MANURE untill I have enough weight in the back end to get out of the mud hole I have dug!  Life happens... My life always happens to challenge me in ways I just have to let roll off my back.

On a good note I may have someone that will cut down two dead trees that are likely to fall on my stalls (if I ever get them up) so I am keeping my fingers crossed!  Wish me luck!

To everyone out there... may your life NOT be up to the hubs in mud, may it be a silly slide if mud at all. ha ha ha...

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