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Thursday, March 18, 2010

So much on my mind.

I have now priced out everything below and figured for only 200 feet of fencing, with three corners ... dont' ask... it is going to cost me about 1500.00 This is a lot of money to put on fencing I am going to take down... SO... I am starting all over and going to see what it will cost me to put up the real thing.  Something that will last! Something that will make my dreams come true when the projects are finished.

My mind goes to dreaming
What do I dream of ????  Using things I like, and having a BEAUTIFUL place for the horses; that even I want to live.  A place of quiet so I can hear them chewing, blowing out air in relaxation, and hoofs hitting the ground as they run in delight.

What would I use in this dream?   

I would have a covered entrance with one of the sets of these doors, to make it feel like an oasis at the entry!

I would have beautiful OLD WORLD pots at the entry, I would have plants in, around, and under them.  LOTS of color...

I would have a gate that would INVITE people to look, but not keep them out.  None of these are going to work.  The gate would cost me more in vet bills, the pots would be dead with one kick, the doors ... well they rest in my shed awaiting their new home, but today is not the day ...


accomplishing???? I'll have to let you know as time goes on...

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